What mouse is the GEMINIGAMER2 Mouse Grip Tape compatible with?

There are 7 different sets of pre-cut grips to choose from that fit the following Razer mice:
Razer Viper variants (except Mini)
Razer Viper Mini
Razer DeathAdder variants (except Mini)
Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini
Razer Basilisk Ultimate, Razer
Basilisk V2, Razer Basilisk X

Logitech mice:
Logitech G502
Logitech G PRO


Is the GEMINIGAMER2 Mouse Grip Tape re-useable?

You can make quick adjustments during the initial applying of the grip tape to ensure correct positioning. However, it will gradually lose its stickiness if removed and replaced multiple times.

What material is the GEMINIGAMER2 Mouse Grip Tape made of?

It is made of polyurethane.

Do I need to apply my own adhesive?

No, the grip tape comes with pre-applied adhesive and is already pre-cut to perfectly fit your selected mouse.

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